Welcome to Eleventh Hour Goods

Eleventh Hour Goods began as a passion project.

I saw how quickly time passed and things changed and I had to find a way
to preserve the memories. The emotion. The beauty of the everyday moments: 

The child pretending a string is a train, 
because his imagination is too vibrant to keep bottled inside. 

The young girl squeezing her daddy so tightly because he is her first and truest love. 

A baby smiling the biggest toothless grin because she sees her momma and knows she is safe.

Over the past few years, God has blessed me with incredible opportunities to
share this passion and gift with others in ways that allow me to
spread His love and support our growing family.

And I couldn't be more thankful.

“I am truly amazed by the beauty Julianne creates with just a click of her camera! She turns simple moments in time into heartfelt treasures for the future!!! I am beyond blessed to call her a friend and a sister through Christ!”

-Tammie, Family Session Client

Behind the Camera

I’m Julianne Cyr (pronounced SEER), but some people call me Julie.
I’ll answer to both :)

I’m a lover of Jesus and, more importantly, I am loved by Jesus!

I long to be a vessel; pouring His love into others’ lives.
Some days I succeed.
Some days I stumble.
But each day I try.

In 2010 I married my dapper husband, Zach. Along with his love,
he gave me my amazing step-daughter.

Our family of 3 has since
become a family of 6,
adding 2 boys and another girl to the mix…

and the adventures haven’t stopped!

I laugh often, and loud!

I’m quick to share a story or two about my family…
maybe more if it’s over coffee.

And, while I’d call myself a strong woman,
I am completely weak when it comes to sweets.

A box of donuts have yet to see a sunrise at our home.

As a photographer, I am not a memory maker, but a memory preserver. 

Thank you for inviting me to help preserve yours.